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  •  Assaf -- if you haven't looked into it (1+ / 0-)
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    nearly all the online information on fluoride is from advocacy groups who exist due to their hostility to fluoride. They mislead a lot of people and love to prop up those few apparently credible scientists who oppose fluoridation.

    In the tobacco and global warming fields, such groups are routinely identified and rightfully ignored -- and the so-called experts that testify against scientific consensus and deny tobacco causes cancer or that CO2 is unrelated to global warming are ridiculed and rejected.

    When it comes to fluoridation, however, the tables are turned. Suddenly, the exceptions to wide-spread public health acceptance of fluoridation are the ALEC-like conspiracy freaks and the few outliers are truth-talkers.

    It's almost surreal.  

    I've worked with fluoride in water since the early 1980s. When the Internet became available, I started using it for research and learning. With nearly every scientific topic, it's useful and relatively easy to find primary sources that are authoritative and reliable.

    Not so with fluoride.  Probably 80 percent or more of the links provided by searches for fluoride-related topics, on the first dozen or so pages of Google returns, are from anti-fluoridation advocacy groups.  It's difficult and exasperating for even knowledgeable scientists to wade through. I'm not surprised so many are misled.  In my view, there is a conspiracy surrounding fluoridation in water, but the conspiracy is on the "anti" side, not the "pro" side. One sees the same arguments, the same distortions, the same outright lies against community water fluoridation on dozens and dozens of websites.  Coincidence?  Not likely.

    I drink Portland's water. Have for decades. But I don't live in Portland city limits so I don't get a vote on this matter (my community's water is supplied by the Portland Water Bureau).  I've watched this situation unfold and it's been sad to see the same old lies be used by the anti-fluoridation hacks.  What's been amazing is to see the Birchers' lies from the 1960s be picked up and adopted by the left in Portland.

    It's sad. And I have little doubt Portland's water will continue to be non-fluoridated (except for low concentrations of fluoride that are naturally occurring in the Columbia South Shore well field).

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