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  •  You can often reach the full articles (0+ / 0-)

    via a simple Google search after getting the title.

    There is no such thing as "European" vs. "American" science nowadays. It is pretty much a globalized community, give or take regional nuances. And the funding mechanisms are similar to the American ones too (i.e., mostly central government, for better or worse).

    You'd be hard-pressed to find major scientific questions, on which the scientific consensus in Europe and North America (or at any other continent, for that matter) is different nowadays.

    Oh, and no: a highly-cited peer reviewed broad study published in a leading medical journal is not "just an opinion." Even if you get to read only the abstract.

    Saying that is traveling down the path of the anti-science crowd. What would you say to a Creationist or global-warming denier who would call that science "just an opinion"?

    I think the fluoridation debate would be much more useful if it wasn't overrun with conspiracy-theory rhetoric and advocacy. Unfortunately your diary endorses some of that rhetoric. Definitely not up to par per your usual diary quality ;(

    Agree to disagree?

    •  Except US science is hidden behind pay walls (0+ / 0-)

      Free science or it didn't happen AFAIC.

      •  Nature, Elsevier, Springer all European publishers (0+ / 0-)

        and all a huge part of the paywall problem. Oxford University Press, too.

        Just like science itself, the issue of journal paywalls is global.

        In fact, one of the best tools to counter this ugly publisher rent-seeking is American! was conceived, and is hosted by, Cornell University. It has become the standard venue for publishing in many important fields, mostly physics. Not only is it open, public and free; it also does away with downsides of the peer-review process (and there are many), while still guaranteeing a certain level of quality. Check it out.

        Really, you are climbing on the wrong tree with this "European vs. American science" thing.

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