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View Diary: Headlines: Decoding And Counteracting Mainstream Media Corporate Propaganda (28 comments)

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  •  I've worked in advertising, publishing, marketing (0+ / 0-)

    Do a little research and find out where the bulk of the money from the Koch brothers-funded propaganda apparatus goes to.

    The other day I read an article about how the NRA was able to push really crazy laws in several states... It was all done through advertising, TV, print, etc.

    Also, this stuff has to be done in multiple ways, educating the public, propaganda, both mainstream and street-level, etc.  Firing on on cylinders....

    •  Actually, it wasn't all done thru advertising... (3+ / 0-)
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      Ray Pensador, lostinamerica, VClib

      ...a LOT of it was done through a great deal of p.r./lobbying/campaign donations/gov't relations work, too. I've spent almost 35 years doing media-related work--advertising, marketing, tech/social media, corporate communications (AmEx, Fujitsu, Coldwell-Banker, PepsiCo, IBM, etc., etc., etc.) public relations, 25 Democratic and issues campaigns, from the White House on down. One "bought" congress-rat may be worth many millions--sometimes tens of millions--in paid advertising. All depends upon the objective of the respective effort(s). The NRA spends a LARGE portion of their budget on lobbying and buying political influence. It's the way politics "works" in this country. (i.e.: campaign donations, and more tacit forms of graft and corrupt practices--all "perfectly legal," of course...LOL!) Again, I state this from many decades of experience, from a national level on down. Dollar for dollar, p.r./lobbying, etc. is, generally speaking, a much more efficient "buy."

      "I always thought if you worked hard enough and tried hard enough, things would work out. I was wrong." --Katharine Graham

      by bobswern on Sat May 18, 2013 at 04:49:11 PM PDT

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      •  The NRA puts a minuscule amount of (3+ / 0-)
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        bobswern, VClib, a2nite

        Money into lobbying. It's about 11 million including airing ads.Their influence comes from their membership base. We ignore this at our peril. In fact, we should follow their lead in term of organizing methods .

        If debt were a moral issue then, lacking morals, corporations could never be in debt.

        by AoT on Sat May 18, 2013 at 06:10:12 PM PDT

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      •  Here's proof of my assertion of the power of (2+ / 0-)
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        bobswern, a2nite

        advertising... Yes, all of that stuff about lobbying and buying off politicians, and influencing editorial content is true, but straight-to-the-public advertising plays a central role in softening any potential push-back from the public when it comes to the myriad of corporate-backed legislation being passed by corrupt, on-the-take politicians nationwide:

        The Big House That Wayne LaPierre Built
        LaPierre launched CrimeStrike that spring with $2 million in seed money from the parent organization and a simple platform: mandatory minimums, harsher parole standards, adult sentences for juveniles, and, critically, more prisons. "Our prisons are overcrowded. Our bail laws are atrocious. We'll be the bad guy," he announced.

        The NRA took its case to the public. "Will you let criminals rape your rights?" asked a four-page ad in a 1994 issue of Field & Stream magazine. And the real culprit was in the White House: "The Clinton administration has already cut federal prison construction by $550 million in favor of 'community placement' and 'criminal rehabilitation programs.'" This was reviving an old conservative talking point: Democrats were soft on crime. The ads featured LaPierre's signature and bespectacled, stoic face at the bottom, alongside a 1-800 number interested volunteers could call. It was a membership hotline.

        A month later, CrimeStrike took out a full-page ad in USA Today asserting that then-Rep. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) "wants to rob the crime bill of $8 billion that could be spent building the prisons that put bars between criminals and your family." The NRA fix: "Tell them you want a crime bill with $8 billion more to build prisons, or you don't want their crime bill at all!"

        •  Ray, unfortunately, I think you'll find that... (3+ / 0-)
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          Ray Pensador, lostinamerica, a2nite

          ...there's a strong argument to be made regarding what's happened with the gun control issue which kind of undermines parts of this argument. The statistical support for this is going to vary depending upon the extremely details specifics of the matter. We have some states, today, where 70%, 80%, 90% of the public wants background checks for all gun purchases, yet the elected federal officials support just the opposite. So, the greater question is: "Why is that the case?" We have tens of millions of dollars being spent on media in support of tighter gun control laws, in certain DMA's/SMSA's, yet it still loses in local referendums. The answer to these questions/issues vary--depending upon the locale, and other variables--but, a good portion of it has to do with the influence of the lobbying efforts of the NRA, which to a great extent is blue smoke and mirrors, too, because even its rank-and-file membership feels differently about certain aspects of gun control legislation than the opinion leaders/industry leaders that are running the organization.

          The truth is, as it's been noted time after time, especially over the past 6-12 months, there's a power structure in the NRA which dictates that only a few at the top (including key gun manufacturing industry CEOs) call most of the shots; and when it comes to the "influence" of the rank-and-file upon the publicized political views of the NRA, the reality is a large portion of that is more myth than reality. It's not exactly a democratic (small "d") organization! And, it's definitely NOT acting in a manner which reflects the views of its rank-and-file, in many instances. It's more akin to the senior members of the organization steamrolling through what's best for them, even when it flies in the face of what the majority of folks that are members of the NRA want. (Kind of like our Congress and Senate, actually! Heh...heh...)

          "I always thought if you worked hard enough and tried hard enough, things would work out. I was wrong." --Katharine Graham

          by bobswern on Sat May 18, 2013 at 07:24:01 PM PDT

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          •  Read the Tim Dickinson article in Rolling Stone... (2+ / 0-)
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            Ray Pensador, lostinamerica

            ....covered in my post here from February 2, 2013, "The NRA vs. America." It goes into great detail on the specifics that I just mentioned in the previous comment(s).

            "I always thought if you worked hard enough and tried hard enough, things would work out. I was wrong." --Katharine Graham

            by bobswern on Sat May 18, 2013 at 07:29:05 PM PDT

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          •  Bob, I don't disagree with any of that. Think of (4+ / 0-)

            something, historically.  This situation where you have a corrupt oligarchy running roughshod over the will of the people is actually very common.  It is how tyranny entrenches itself--by the acquiescence of the population.

            Historically this happens because a very large portion of the population at any given time is apathetic, for whatever reason: focus on surviving, bread and circuses entertainment, manipulation, not being aware of what's happening with the power structure, etc.

            And every time people have risen against oppression and tyranny the catalyst was them becoming fully aware of injustices committed by the ruling class.

            But that awareness didn't just happened by happenstance.  It was the result of relentless work (sometimes years, decades, lifetimes) of what some call agitators.

            One good historical example is in the work done by the main actors during the Abolitionist movement...

            Abolitionist allies Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, Harriet Beecher Stowe, John Brown and Angelina Grimké turned a despised fringe movement against chattel slavery into a force that literally changed the nation.
            Their decades-long struggle was all about educating the public about the evils of slavery.  They engage in propaganda (the good kind), in activism; they were going from town to town from state to state, giving speeches, educating the population; they had their own newspapers; they printed advertising, posters, etc.

            In the case of Harriet Beecher Stowe, her book, Uncle Tom's Cabin, helped turn millions of people against slavery.

            Uncle Tom's Cabin was the best-selling novel of the 19th century and the second best-selling book of that century, following the Bible. It is credited with helping fuel the abolitionist cause in the 1850s. In the first year after it was published, 300,000 copies of the book were sold in the United States; one million copies were sold in Great Britain. In 1855, three years after it was published, it was called "the most popular novel of our day."
            Every social justice movement, every revolution against corrupt tyrannical powers, succeeded only after a large number of people became fully aware of the situation.

            And you'll notice (by studying these movements) that the work of propagandists (the good kind), and agitators (intellectuals, activists) played a very important role in sparking the revolutionary (social justice) fervor in the population...

            That applies to every single social justice struggle, be it against slavery, or workers' rights, women's rights, civil rights, etc.

            This time around, the same will have to happen.  Only when the disparate social justice groups around the country (and internationally) find a way to collaborate and become a cohesive movement would we be able to gain enough strength to act against the corrupt Kleptocracy.  

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