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    Ray Pensador, a2nite, flowerfarmer

    I'm not referring to the good old Spooky Commie stuff of the 50' and 60's.  This was the stuff of the Nixonian Era.

    While attending a midwest university specializing in engineering and mining one of the required course sequences was Communnications.  One segment was dedicated to propaganda.  The professors were careful not to inject bias or intent, leaving the utilization of this study to the student.  Fast forward 40+ years, guess who's now minding the corporate store?  

    Industry has been working long and hard on their propaganda mechanism making it a formidable opponent.  One short course included three days at Argonne National Labs, outside Chicago.  The theme was, to paraphrase, "See How Safe and Fun Nuclear Reactors Can Be".  A real easy 3 credits for engineers to get comfy with nukes.  As a biologist, I got the credits, not their message.  The reactor's name was Janus.      

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