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  •  So sorry (7+ / 0-)

    about Milo Ian. It's never easy to let go. In the past decade or so I've had to euthanize my 11 yr old Dalmatian for rapid-onset congestive heart failure that didn't respond to treatment, as well as an 8 yr old Weimaraner who suddenly developed paralysis in both hind legs.  I currently have two little italian greyhounds, one of whom is now 14 yrs old and has been on chemo for T cell lymphoma for 5 yrs. Recently his BUN and creatinine have shot up out of the blue, so renal failure here too. The poor guy hates the kidney diet food and has lost a lot of weight. So he is back on regular high phosphorus food which will no doubt speed up the progression of his renal disease. It seems to be touch and go at each feeding wondering if he's going to eat this time. I know it's only a matter of days or weeks before I'll be forced to take the same course of action myself.

    In each case I usually gather all photos from over the years, write some about the doggie, and put everything together into a scrapbook. We each cope differently, but I usually get another dog fairly quickly. It seems that by concentrating on new life, new love and a new personality, it helps the grief fade into pleasant memories- for me at least.

    •  So sorry to hear your pooch has renal disease (2+ / 0-)
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      cactusgal, mystique mist

      I'm convinced it really complicated dealing with Milo's cancer and probably wound up mostly to blame for today's events.

      My partner also suggested we put together a scrapbook and I thought it sounded like a great idea. Thanks for the encouragement.

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