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  •  Today, I noticed something odd with one of my (6+ / 0-)

    scrips, too. I've been taking methotrexate for a few years now. It's the same drug that was in critically short supply for kids with leukemia a while back, but that's not what I use it for, and I'd guess their dosage is quite different from mine. I haven't looked at the price for quite some time because my Part D coverage, for which I pay about $30/mo, covers all of it, no deductible.

    For a couple of years, before I turned 65 a year ago, I paid cash for all my prescriptions, and this one ran about $30/mo with a $25/year discount card from the pharmacy. No big deal.

    This morning, for some reason, when I picked up this month's supply, I looked at the paperwork that came with it. It informed me that my Part D coverage for this drug saved me $87! I never paid anything like that. It makes me wonder WTF is going on. Is someone (the pharmacy? the drug manufacturer?) charging Medicare $87/mo. for that drug? I can't believe it's gone up that much in one year.

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