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    I met her here last month at Rollins College & her speaking engagement was replete with song, stories and anecdotes, some of them from her books.  I am  thankful to have such a positive role model; all too often I get wrapped up in the scary news and the suicide rates and the divorce rates, and she gives me hope that my marriage ( & my life!) will survive my transition although as I know first hand it will take heart and hard work.

    Laurustina I have read all your work too & at least from this distance you were a great parent and friend to your child, truly in her corner.  Every kid should have that type of love & support, not just trans kids; with so much animosity in the world tho especially trans kids need those from  a parent.  Your stories have helped catalyze thought processes for me that have helped me to deal with grief due to recent losses in my family as well so thank you.  My partner & I are gearing up for Gay Days soon so that one episode is really with me now.

    I have not read this one yet (no kids so I may not) but "I'm looking through you" worked for me in several ways but in particular the parallel between the haunted house and the soul searching, which leaves a sort of transcendentalist aftertaste (is that external or a perception motivated by inner processes?) and I think also highlights, due to the first person narrative, the difficulties of what are probably for most people trivial daily processes, but which can cause metaphysical angst for someone trans trying to navigate the waters of modern society  (how to dress, how to respond to conversational overtures, and so on).

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