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  •  Grissom AFB outside Peru Ind. (1+ / 0-)
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    Unsure if it has been renamed.

    It was Bunker Hill AFB until the NASA mission killed Gus Grissom.

    I had to move prior to testing for my green sash (belt) but it was months of traing just to get white, and a lot more months to get the yellow. It was a long, long way to black at that school.

    •  They both started when they were 6, I think. The (0+ / 0-)

      youngest may have been 5.  So, it did take them years to get to black.  It took the oldest 2 years to go from 1st to 2nd degree.  It'll probably take the younger a bit longer.  Unfortunately, their primary instructor retired  about a year ago and the new lead instructor just isn't the same.  The original took to the girls quite a bit.  He even carried the older one around like she was his own.  He spent extra time with the girls where as the newer instructor isn't as interested in their progress.  Grandpa is a little disappointed and has to come to terms with one, or both, leaving the sport sooner than later.

      All three girls are petite little things, being ethnic Chinese.  So, knowing some self defense, and the self confidence, will do them good in the long run.  The oldest is just under 5 feet and hopefully will be as tall as myself - 5 feet.  The middle one will be my height, or just a little over.  The youngest should be 5' as well (she needs a growth spurt though as she's only around 4'6", maybe).  

      At least they're in the more cosmopolitan areas of Iowa where there's less bs about being not white.  They've not said anything about being the targets of bullies and they're definitely not the types to be bullies.  I'm profoundly glad for both!!  Like you, I was the target of bullies too.  We're within 5 years of each other - so you have an idea what it was like to be a northerner in a southern area.... then top that with being in college prep and 'different'... yeah I was a social outcast most of my life.

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