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View Diary: Systemic Inequality: The Reason For The Revolution (57 comments)

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  •  You forgot the 4th estate (9+ / 0-)

    the one that is necessary for a  functioning democracy. Looks like the first and second are turning on the tattered remains of the 4th estate. Kind of ludicrous as AP has carried their water for decades and their really is no real US news anymore just court chroniclers catapulting the propaganda. Our only hope these days seems to be that they will go to far and start eating each other in their feeding frenzy for more power, death, money and destruction. Nothing is TBTF, in fact this current lot of 'inevitable' want to rule the world assholes, is too big and too top heavy not to fail. Too bad their gonna fall all over the rest of us when they do topple and wreck our home the earth. I just want them to go over the apocalyptic cliff's of mass deception that they keep threatening us with.    


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