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  •  Well, I do my best around here to (4+ / 0-)

    point out the encroachment of the American theocracy.

    People here are quick to blame Republicans, and politically that's accurate, but let's not forget the root of their opposition to science, abortion, gay rights, women's rights, civil rights in general. It's all about religion.

    After all, the Republican party is more of a Jesus-cult than a political party at this stage. The only exceptions are the super rich guys who just tug their hats down and look to the side about the social conservatism and just soak up the huge amounts of money they rake in.

    But those fat cats are not the majority. And to keep the hillbillies happy they have to tenderly caress Jesus. What do they care about stem cell research? They can fly to Europe on a private jet and get the medical care they need.

    I think that's important to remember.

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