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View Diary: GOP "Scamdal"-mongering Just Reminds People Why They Hate Republicans (250 comments)

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  •  I cannot disprove a negative (0+ / 0-)

    And neither can you. For instance, can you prove you don't belong to a secret neo-nazi, druid worshiping band of transient poets?

     But if you make a claim that all these groups want to

    " take THEIR (0+ / 0-)
    country back from the Kenyan Muslim 'comin to get my guns' foreign socialist marxist  manchurian candidate racist 'n word' Barry Satero in any way possible" They won't even recognize that he is the President. They say he is "illegitimate" , in more ways than one." Then you should have evidence of their intent on their application. You don't. Neither did the IRS. Which why the eventually approved the applications and apologized to the targeted groups, and fired the acting commissioner.
    And as for that last idiotic birther remark, when you run out of logic I guess name calling is all you have?

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