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    I was probably addicted to second hand smoke as a kid. both my parents were chain smokers. I started stealing cigarettes from my parents when I was ten. I smoked two packs a day for 30 years.

    I watched my dad die at age 59 of lung cancer. I watched my mother die of chronic bronchitis. still, I couldn't quit.

    After I had two grandchildren I decided that I wanted to see them grow up. There was my motivation. Neither of my parents had that opportunity.

    I read everything I could about quitting. I was already on welbutrin for my depression, and started wearing the patch. I wore the patch for a year, although instructions say it's only for short term. I figured it was healthier to be addicted to the patch than smoking.

    I used some of the coping mechanisms listed above, choosing what worked for me to break the urge. The urge for a cigarette is only temporary and can be broken. The key is distracting yourself from it for a few minutes, then it goes away. It will come back, but as time goes by it gets easier. If you "fall off the wagon" get right back on, and don't beat yourself up about it. You're human. It's never too late to start over.

    On the 7th try I suceeded, and I get to watch my oldest grandson graduate next month. There are still times when a whiff of smoke will bring back the desire, but  now it's easier to quell. I also know that I can do it, because I have suceeded. and I know I can do it again if I have to.

    The most important thing is not to give up. In a sense that would be giving up on yourself and your husband.

    Good luck and God bless.

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