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View Diary: Violent Tornadoes, Very Large Hail, Strong Winds Expected Again Monday (77 comments)

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    I was with my family at Sportsman's Lake, about 30 miles from where the big tornado hit the trailer park in Shawnee. Didn't even get a drop of rain there. In fact, the sun came out about 20 minutes after the storm hit Shawnee.

    I think we need to write our REPUBLICAN reps, and have them investigate why tornadoes are attracted to mobile home parks. Is there a conspiracy in the mobile home industry to install tornado attractants in the insulation of their homes to increase sales? I lived in San Jose, CA for about ten years, and you get maybe one tornado per DECADE in the Bay Area...Guess what, we got one, and the only damage??? To a trailer park.

    Inquiring minds want to know!!

    PS: My home is in ground zero for today's outbreak. Going to be big time weather aware. And NO, I don't live in a Mobile Home!

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