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  •  That was the main goal of the 50-state strategy (3+ / 0-)
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    Stude Dude, blueoasis, mdmslle

    Take the Democratic Party's message to every corner of this country...that was the goal of Dean's 50-state strategy.

    Sadly, the DNC will probably re-implement the 50-state strategy over my dead body.

    If it takes a village to change a state, it'll take a city to change America!

    by DownstateDemocrat on Mon May 20, 2013 at 02:52:13 AM PDT

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    •  I hope you're following what we're doing (2+ / 0-)
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      Pluto, Rosalie907

      at Bold Blue Media Alliance.

      We're addressing this issue head on from multiple fronts. I think education has to happen at the community level and the effects of governance have to be localized for people to care. We're doing that (or planning to starting 2014).

      Also, we're enabling candidates to run strong at the local and state levels. One of the byproducts of polarization is that too many republicans get "elected" without having ever to have run against a Democrat. That has to stop. Because what happens when that happens is there is no PUBLIC challenge to GOP talking points and dogma. This pulls districts further right because no one ever questions the assertions these idiots make. We're changing that by giving Dems the tools they need to run competitively and strongly EVERYWHERE. And they don't need to be millionaires to do it because our magazine subscribers help cover business overhead so candidate fees don't have to. This will also help Dems as they are deciding whether or not to run for office. Easier, cheaper, more helpful campaigns will hopefully aid recruitment.

      We can no longer cede ANY district or ANY office to the GOP. They are like destructive invasive insects and need to be eradicated. My goal is to get them away from governance in our states and localities. Period. But even if our side loses, the GOP must be challenged in every election, no ifs ands or buts about it. Publicly defending their hideous positions against well-prepared Democrats and liberals is really one of the most powerful educational tools we have.

      I've republished this diary ti state and local action group here at Dkos. As well as posted to the Bold Blue facebook page.

      There is hope.

      •  I was reading today (0+ / 0-)

        That on Staten Island here in NYC the Democratic Party is having a hard time finding a candidate to run for Borough President against a Republicon who has annointed himself the winner before the election has even been held.  There have been many races where Staten Island hasn't even run a candidate because they believe that it would be a waste of money and the candidate would lose!  

        I live in Brooklyn and we have districts here where the opposite happens but Brooklyn is changing and just about every race is now competitive.  

        I look forward to visiting your site and being educated by it.

        Never be afraid to voice your opinion and fight for it . Corporations aren't people, they're Republicans (Rev Al Sharpton 10/7/2011)

        by Rosalie907 on Mon May 20, 2013 at 08:55:19 PM PDT

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        •  That's strange that an urban area (0+ / 0-)

          like Staten is so Republican. And Brooklyn is becoming more Republican? They must be nearly the last competitive urban areas in the country for Republicans. Seems like any seats there would be very winnable for Democrats.

          •  Staten Island (0+ / 0-)

            Has been a Republican strong-hold for as long as I can remember.  A lot of the residents on the South Shore are registered Dems but vote Republican.  The North Shore is Democratic and Mid Island you have pockets of both.  There are many reasons why and it would take me an hour at the minimum to give you those reasons.  As for Brooklyn, it's still Democratic but there are areas that are more becoming more Republican (witness Republican Bob Turner being elected to fill Anthony Weiner's seat when he resigned).  This started when many Eastern Europeans moved in and the neighborhoods began to change.  There are several reasons for this also.   Additionally, there are some like the Orthodox community that have recently started voting Republican when gay marriage passed.  

            Never be afraid to voice your opinion and fight for it . Corporations aren't people, they're Republicans (Rev Al Sharpton 10/7/2011)

            by Rosalie907 on Tue May 21, 2013 at 01:41:46 AM PDT

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