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View Diary: Journalist Surveillance Goes Far Beyond AP (97 comments)

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  •  In fact, there was no justification I can see (6+ / 0-)

    for the WH or the DOJ to freak out over what AP did in the first place. As I've quoted elsewhere, here is Marcy Wheeler's take on this issue

    It seems the government asked AP to hold the story for security reasons. AP complied. Five days later, on a Monday, the government told them that said security reasons no longer existed. AP wanted to go with the story. the government said, no, let us break it instead tomorrow morning (Tuesday). AP said, hell no, if there's no security risks we are going to run the story.  The gov't not wanting to be scooped is not justification for suppressing a story.

    Then there's the fact that Brennan can't control his mouth and told the press that we had inside control of the bomb plot. So apparently the WH could also have been pissed that they were caught in a contradiction:  that they told the public there was no threat while they were actually counteracting a real threat of bombing.  But as my boyfriend just said today, that's more or less any day in the life of the CIA, isn't it? Of course the government tells people there's no threat while they work to stop the threat, rather than telling people there's a threat and panicking them. This is just normal.  What's not normal is getting your panties so wadded about the press publicizing this sort of thing well after the fact that you seize phone logs of a hundred of them in an apparent attempt to scare government officials out of talking to the press.

    If we're so goddamned worried about leaks, why is Brennan, who made the slip in the first place, in charge of the CIA?

    "When people spin this in partisan terms to obfuscate the truth, it does a real disservice to normal people not in the big club in DC. Many of them will be hurting...That is why I write."--priceman

    by SouthernLiberalinMD on Mon May 20, 2013 at 09:42:13 AM PDT

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