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View Diary: VA-GOV: Enthusiasm Gap For Terry McAuliffe? GET OVER IT. (80 comments)

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  •  I'm glad (0+ / 0-)

    you can't vote in VA too.  BTW, what fuckin' business is of yours WHO we elect Gov.?

    I assume by stating that you "can't vote in VA" means you don't live here. But you'd love it if VA turned into the People's Republic of Maryland overnight.  Ain't gonna happen, friend.

    I'm from (born in) MD. I live in VA. (not in some NOVA the Fightin'Ninth.  Rick Boucher's ex-district.)

    I was around in '73 when a few more votes for Henry Howell (D) would have given him the Governorship over Mills Godwin (R), the Cuccinelli of his day.  

    But NOOOOO...I'm sure some 'liberals' in VA didn't vote Howell because he was a populist redneck and an ex-bigot. We got Godwin for 4 more.  Thanks a lot.  We could have had bargaining for educators in VA, but 1977, that was shot down.  By a Legislature full of (conservative) Democrats.
    And a court system that outlaws things like bargaining rights.

    BE HAPPY if McAuliffe gets elected.  Tim Kaine ain't Bernie Sanders but then Bernie ain't running in VA. And Kaine is about the only Catholic I'd vote for.

    Jesus we all know Terry is a $$$ man and the Clinton's ex-poodle.  

    So?  Obama has Pritziker.  Somebody funded FDR's campaigns.  And JFK's.  And I'm almost positive it wasn't Common Cause.

    Jesus and Che' ain't running either.  I'm just as proud to be on the left as y'all are...I just don't expect to get the whole pie everytime.

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