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View Diary: How Many Former NSA and FBI Counterterrorism Employees Will It Take For This Story To Reach The MSM? (140 comments)

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  •  The reason why (6+ / 0-)

    there is so much confusion about it is because there are so many lies and misdirection.

    Less than a year ago:

    NSA Chief Tells Hackers His Agency Doesn’t Create Dossiers on All Americans

    LAS VEGAS — NSA chief Gen. Keith Alexander, appearing for the first time at the DefCon hacker conference, told the crowd of hackers and security professionals that his agency “absolutely” does not maintain files on Americans.

    Responding to a question from DefCon founder Jeff Moss asking “does the NSA really keep a file on everyone?,” Alexander replied, “No, we don’t. Absolutely no. And anybody who would tell you that we’re keeping files or dossiers on the American people knows that’s not true.”

    Alexander went on to say that the NSA’s job was foreign intelligence, not domestic and that the agency is constantly monitored in everything it does.

    “We get oversight by Congress, both intel committees and their congressional members and their staffs,” he continued, “so everything we do is auditable by them, by the FISA court … and by the administration. And everything we do is accountable to them…. We are overseen by everybody. And I will tell you that those who would want to weave the story that we have millions or hundreds of millions of dossiers on people is absolutely false.”

    Then there is the question of "minimization".  Supposedly all of this is being hoovered up and stored but your personal information is not store with it. This is what they call "minimization".  So in order to go find out all of bobswern's communications, you'd need more information, the key to his information, if you will.  But we are having a really hard time finding out the rules about minimization and frankly, a lot of people just aren't buying it.  emptywheel has written a lot about it.

    There's so much more too.  But our govt. will not come right out and admit what they are doing and what they have been doing since the Bush years.  The big break through came early in the Bush admin, as you can find out by listening to interviews with Bamford and Binney.  I think a guy name Russell Tice was the first to disclose it, but they sent him for psychological evaluations and called him crazy, and i don't know what else. But the big break through was being able to grab everything and store it in real time.  It's a huge fire hose.

    So all of this stuff about AP is causing an outrage, yes.  But who is to say that they aren't doing searches on all the communications that they store for everyone, focusing on media organizations, and when they find out that some media org has gotten a leak, go back and subpoena the data officially?  I would not be the only one to suspect that things like that are happening.  So they can keep up the appearance of going through courts, but if they have years worth of data sitting there, how are we to know that they don't use that to data mine and when they find a "guilty party" then go use the courts to officially subpoena the data that they have already read through?

    Then there is the networking software that they have, supposedly for foreign surveillance, where they track and graph all the contacts for a specific person. I think Binney calls it a "graph" but I forget the terminology.

    There are many interviews with these guys on alternative media which can be found by googling or looking through YouTube.

    "Justice is a commodity"

    by joanneleon on Mon May 20, 2013 at 03:36:14 PM PDT

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