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  •  Seriously, though maybe we can get big pharma (6+ / 0-)

    on our side, when their sales in early pregnancy tests crash. Or the AMA when OB/GYN appts decrease. Under a law like this, what woman wants to find out at week 2 that she is pregnant only to miscarry in week 3 believing she has to report it? Or have doctors find out they are pregnant, let alone family & friends, if they have the least concern they might miscarry in the first few months?

    Even though the law specifies fetus, which applies after week 11 (correct?), how many women will not understand what this law means and be afraid of the consequences? Not to mention I suspect there will be at least one ignorant prosecutor who will end up filing charges that don't apply. (If idiot lawyers like Michele Bachmann, et. al. can get elected to Congress, guess how many get elected/appointed to local prosecutor positions!)

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