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  •  on a magnitude basis they are mutually (0+ / 0-)


    By 'per unit of energy basis' is traditionally interpreted to mean 'heat input' basis.   Pet coke btu content is just marginally higher than for eastern low sulfur coal....about 15,000 btu/lb for pet coke and about 12-13,000 btu/lb for coal.   This difference is not sufficient to account for the large percentage difference between the two statements.

    •  the article doesn't use your assumptions (1+ / 0-)
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      Look at the referenced pdf:

      Petcoke has higher carbon content than coal. Different quality coals have different carbon content levels and different energy yields. The two most common types of coal are bituminous and sub-bituminous. Using a median figure for these two coal types we find that petcoke emits 53.6 percent more CO 2 per ton than coal and 7.2 percent more CO 2 per unit of energy. So when a coal plant co-fires petcoke it emits more CO 2 than firing coal alone.
      See Table 1 for estimated values.

      Others have simply gotten old. I prefer to think I've been tempered by time.

      by Just Bob on Tue May 21, 2013 at 09:53:35 AM PDT

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