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View Diary: Hotel union protesting Hyatt heir's nomination as commerce secretary (65 comments)

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  •  It's a toss up, but I think Pritzker will (7+ / 0-)

    eventually win that contest...

    One of the people commenting on another diary about Pritzker asked why Democrats aren't opposing her nomination. The answer is that she is the 'smoking gun' (not my observation, although I wish I had been the first to say it)...she is the one who ties Obama to Wall Street, and that connection occurred before he ever gave his first 'hope and change' campaign speech. He literally conned the American people (and especially Democrats) from the very beginning. He has always been in bed with Wall Street.

    If Democrats start questioning her nomination, they're going to open a can of worms that could be very damaging to the WH.

    They'll slip through approval of her nomination in the dead of night if they have to...

    •  And I should add the observation that the (4+ / 0-)

      recent exposure of OFA's efforts to thwart Progressive efforts to provide cover for Obama's policies is another reason this story is not gaining the traction it should...and a lot of OFA people belong to this site, and they make every effort to squash criticism of Obama.

    •  Time to damage the WH (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      aliasalias, melvynny

      although they are doing a bang up job of damaging themselves, of late.  Seriously, this president has been nothing but one disappointment after another and we owe him nothing.  Send a message NOW and perhaps we'll get real progressive, liberal, Democratic leadership next time around instead of all the corporate Dem bullshit Obama's dished out.

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