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View Diary: As the tornado passed, Erick Erickson Tweeted: "I wonder when Obama will find out about Oklahoma." (232 comments)

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    Like river bottom land, Tornado Alley are areas that concentrate natural disasters.

    The issue should be whether its worth the pride, proof of resilience and plain stubbornness to rebuild in areas subject to frequent disasters.

    Moore, OK seems to lie in the path of wind currents, that bring tornadoes and maybe should be either not rebuild, or lets plan ahead with appropriate structures. The images of the Hospital and schools are disturbing. That is the second hospital demolished in this area in the last few years,  Joplin was the other.

    What good are full service hospitals when disasters take them out? Given that the actual medical services need electricity anyway, so no windows required or needed, how about designing accordingly?

    American Airlines placed their SABRE (computer system) in Tulsa, OK underground. I recall that Mr Robert Crandall, then CEO, didn't want to loose it to a tornado.

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