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View Diary: Thoughts On Tornadoes and Moore Oklahoma (179 comments)

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  •  One of Many Political Angles (2+ / 0-)
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    weatherdude, mad cat

    There are numerous political angles, and you make a valid point about the federal aid angle, but after the gun vote last month, I despair that we are no more than lemmings.

    Despite the fact that 90% of Americans wanted at least registration of guns, somehow it won't get passed into law.

    Prayers in the face of disaster is right.  But so is action.

    Inside the bubble it is ALL politics, I suppose, if you consider that all kinds of pundits are gearing up after this tragedy to pundit on it tomorrow.  

    You listen to the local guys on TV, the local news folk,and even better, the regular folk who get dragged into the tragedy, hear their testimonies in the news, and you are struck by their humanity; they seem almost a different species than the Nancy Graces and Shawn Hannity's of the world.  But I digress...

    You're not a lemming, and its frustrating!  Let's try to keep the faith alive, somewhere there's hope...

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