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View Diary: Thunderstorm Damage (including Tornadoes) has doubled since 1970 as Climate Change amplifies storms (50 comments)

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    As we continually document (see here for our latest post), more and more science is suggesting that the rate (and thus magnitude at any point in time) of CO2-induced climate change is not as great as commonly portrayed.

     The lower the rate of change, the lower the resulting impact. If the rate is low enough, carbon dioxide emissions confer a net benefit.

    We’d like to remind readers that “it’s not the heat, it’s the sensitivity,” when it comes to carbon dioxide, and the sensitivity appears to have been overestimated.

    It's  the "sensitivity". What  gibberish
    400ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere should remind us of our continuing success at expanding the global supply of energy to meet a growing demand.
    Dangerous gibberish

    Tell that to the people devasted today in Oklahoma - yeah talking to you Inhofe

    Thx Lefty Coaster

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