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View Diary: Harmonic Convergence: AP Scandal, "We Steal Secrets" Premiere & Bradley Manning Trial (130 comments)

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  •  You're not paying attention to my point (2+ / 0-)
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    in your haste to construct your own unrelated thought. Judith Miller went to jail to protect her right not to share her source. At no point was there any thought on either side that this or similar incarceration of journalists was a danger to the ongoing protections of the First Amendment. Eventually the system worked itself out. In my opinion the Plame-related incarcerations of journalists were pro forma excercises in kabuki, which had to do with publicity and resume-building. The Times and Time Magazine knew they were going to identify the sources from the beginning but elected to get some free publicity by refusing to cooperate until AFTER their reporters were jailed.

    I did not mention "the whole damned Iraq war." I was talking about dangers to First Amendment protections. You took my statement, morphed it into an alien being, and then asked me what world I am living in. It's called the "reality-based" one and you should consider a visit once in a while.

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