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View Diary: Harmonic Convergence: AP Scandal, "We Steal Secrets" Premiere & Bradley Manning Trial (130 comments)

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    Just because the telecom companies didn't go to court doesn't make the DOJ's actions suddenly okay.  As for your claim that the AP could have sought redress, that's just "idiotic," to quote you.  When the DOJ already has the records, and notifies the AP long after the fact, that horse has already left the barn.  What neither of us know is whether or not the AP did go to court and it's all sealed, but honestly, I'm glad that they did complain in public forums, as this is not the first time that the DOJ has criminalized journalists under the guise of national security.

    As for the rest of your comment here, I'll just say that you're simply wrong about what I'm saying.  If the government wanted to look at those records, it could have a) followed its own guidelines, or b) gone to court itself.  That it chose not to do either, but instead chose to go on a fishing expedition, makes this quite problematic, especially as this is part of a larger pattern.

    Frankly, I give a lot more credence to emptywheel , who has been researching and writing about this and related issues for quite some time, than I will to someone like you who calls this a non-scandal.

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