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View Diary: Obama could give these striking low-wage workers the raise they need (26 comments)

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  •  The problem is Obama has a very (2+ / 0-)
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    TexasTom, Whatithink

    conservative view of his ability to issue executive orders...not executive action, which he gladly wields on national security issues, but executive orders. Its been reported this week that the WH has basically been running everything by the WH counsel to see what authority they have on all these agency issues and she's been the reason they were a little slow cause she takes a strict interpretation of what leeway they have. If thats true, then it would explain their reluctance on EO's, cause thats explicitly signed off and overseen by the WH counsels office.

    Now, I don't think its something sinister like some people here, i.e. when Obama says he can't do a policy via executive order what he really means is that he's against the policy. If you believe he was against DADT repeal, the dream act, ENDA...all issues he's been unwilling to take executive action on, then you're probably not gonna be convinced even if he did do the EO, because then it would be about throwing a bone to his base, or covering his back etc...

    I think thats the machiavellian persona liberal critics of Obama tend to put on him, its like the flip side of the 11th dimensional chess fans of the president. Both view the President as a shrewd operator playing a different game and both choose to see things that aren't there so there pre-disposed view of the president can remain intact.

    So long story short, I don't see Obama doing this, which is tragic. I really hope he changes on these EO issues because with republicans in the house, its all he has. He could do ENDA for federal contractors, minimum wage for Federal Contractors, and a lot of Climate policy. I think he may do climate policy, but the other stuff just won't happen.

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