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    You should never negotiate with hostage-takers. We've violated that rule consistently since 2010, and one of the consequences has been that the hostage-takers are so used to getting their way using this method, that we now have the spectacle of Coburn using his own constituents as hostages.

    Fine, let him. No aid for OK until he relents and releases the hostages.  Better yet, no aid for OK until Coburn and Inhofe apologize for voting against Sandy relief.

    Oh my God! Too heartless! You want us to descend to their level!  You want us to use the hostages Coburn has put at risk!

    Yes, we need to descend to their level. Public policy has real consequences, and the legislative body the good people of OK sent Coburn to sit in ain't beanbag. These people of OK chose to inflict the disaster of Tom Coburn on the rest of the country, and that choice -- much as I'm sure it has been made to make symbolic points about how put-upon the good people of OK feel about the two coasts, and not out of malice and wish to do us harm -- has done this country great harm. Their legislator and his hostage-taking are currently responsible, to name just one program cut by the sequester and their other antics, for people all over the country starving. The ongoing disaster Coburn at al are willfully inflicting on the poor is every bit as real as what an act of God just did to OK.

    In a democracy, the people are in charge. They have to accept responsibility for their choices. We have to hold the people of OK accountable for their actions. The rest of the country should have been at this task for decades.  The choice of Coburn and his ilk to sit in the Senate should have deprived OK of all legislative influence as he and his like were systematically shunned by all decent legislators from non-insane parts of the country. But we all failed to make democracy work in a sane and orderly way, and now we are faced with Coburn holding a gun to the head of his own constituents, and demanding that the rest of us make other people suffer so that he won't shoot his own people.  To protect the people of the entire US, and that includes OK, from Coburn and his like, there is no way now that the problem been deferred until we have gotten to crisis management, but threaten the people of OK with denial of aid until and unless they rein in their representative.  

    Of course our side isn't going to do that, because we're not insane, but the consequence of that civility and sanity, is that incivility and insanity is granted another victory, as we once again defer a necessary head-on confrontation because we don't want to cause collateral damage.  Incivility and insanity are allowed to continue to gut food assistance unchecked.  But, please, before our side goes ahead and caves, and lets this yahoo score another victory for club law, please do this one thing to humor me.  Ask yourself when there is ever going to be an occasion to confront a US Senator -- and the  large junta of Senators and Congresscritters among whom Coburn and Inhofe are merely somewhat more thuggish than the norm -- without collateral damage?  This is the Senate, not some Middle School Student Council.  It ain't beanbag.  Do me a second favor.  Decide to make the confrontation somewhere shy of a second civil war.

    Personally, I would be in favor of using the leverage Coburn has given us by making hostages out of the people of OK to get 10 dollars for food assistance restored for every one that goes to OK. Better yet, OK doesn't get a dime until the sequester is scrapped. I understand that that might be a bit too hardcore for many. But can't we at least hold the line at no further goring of anyone else's ox to bail out OK? We've got to Blazing Saddles territory in terms of sheer insanity if we let them get something for holding themselves hostage. What's next, we accept the Ryan budget or Ryan shoots himself?

    The states must be abolished.

    by gtomkins on Tue May 21, 2013 at 10:48:01 AM PDT

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