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    The Marti, Audri

    but the last concussion I had before the surgery, which was for this problem, was way last year.  

    Here's my timeline.  I had a suspicious spot on my back biopsied  on November 5th.  Within 24 hours, it was a staph infection the size of a quarter.  Two antibiotics then.  

    48 hours later, Mr. escapee and I both had whooping cough.  And the infection was very slow in healing.  Two more antibiotics.  And as the whooping cough tailed off in February is when I realized my hearing & taste were corrupted.  One more antibiotic.  Nothing.  It got worse.

    The ENT said the only way to deal with some infections is to go in and get them, so I had the sinus surgery, and there was indeed pus in there.  But the taste & smell didn't get better after the surgery.

    I think that procedure on November 5th has something to do with it.   The scar on my back is still the size of a quarter, stilll  gets red and swells up, and it hurts.  All of my doctors day it's impossible for germs to move through your body like that - I'd have had sepsis and died.  I think I got an indwelling, antibiotic-resistant infection and it did move through my body, and it burned my C1 nerve, and this is the result.

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    by escapee on Wed May 22, 2013 at 02:58:11 PM PDT

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