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  •  The info has to be legally classified. It was. (4+ / 0-)
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    jj32, jazzence, Tony Situ, Janet 707

    The legal status of the ongoing covert operation in Yemen was not "the White House doesn't want to get out."

    It was actually classified information.

    Art is the handmaid of human good.

    by joe from Lowell on Wed May 22, 2013 at 03:53:53 PM PDT

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    •  Oh really (1+ / 0-)
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      and should this information have been classified? The WH was about to release it's own hype about it's foiling of another underwear bomber, lol and AP beat them to the punch. There was no crisis the alleged plot had been foiled and we we're safe.

      Gov’t Secretly Obtained AP Phone Records In Probe

      The story disclosed details of a CIA operation in Yemen that stopped an al-Qaida plot in the spring of 2012 to detonate a bomb on an airplane bound for the United States. In testimony in February, CIA Director John Brennan noted that the FBI had questioned him about whether he was AP's source, which he denied. He called the release of the information to the media about the terror plot an "unauthorized and dangerous disclosure of classified information."

      The plot was significant both because of its seriousness and also because the White House previously had told the public it had “no credible information that terrorist organizations, including al-Qaida, are plotting attacks in the U.S. to coincide with the (May 2) anniversary of bin Laden’s death.”

      The AP delayed reporting the story at the request of government officials who said it would jeopardize national security. Once officials said those concerns were allayed, the AP disclosed the plot, though the Obama administration continued to request that the story be held until the administration could make an official announcement.

      The May 7 story was written by reporters Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman with contributions from reporters Kimberly Dozier, Eileen Sullivan and Alan Fram. They and their editor, Ted Bridis, were among the journalists whose April-May 2012 phone records were seized by the government.

      Brennan talked about the AP story and investigation in written testimony to the Senate. “The irresponsible and damaging leak of classified information was made … when someone informed The Associated Press that the U.S. government had intercepted an IED (improvised explosive device) that was supposed to be used in an attack and that the U.S. government currently had that IED in its possession and was analyzing it,” he wrote.

      I am somehow skeptical about this whole CIA plot foiling business. Brennan a Bushie Spook torturer of the worst order does not inspire trust or confidence. In short this whole debacle seems to be about messing up the WH's GWOT propaganda and the CIA's dubious role in stopping another 'underwear bomber'.

       I certainly don't believe that Brennan and the Spooks have any interest in 'keeping us safe'. The WH is just another participant in this Orwellain GWOT.  Meanwhile thank God for the CIA, FBI, DoJ and der Homeland Security for foiling the enemy we all must fear be they armed with pressure cookers carried by crazed Muslims or CIA plants with explosives in their underwear. Kiss your rights goodbye. After all it's worth giving up our basic democratic principles, universal hard won laws and rights because it keeps us safe and saves lives. What a seriously fucked up twisty anti-democratic logic is this. Not at all what democracy or freedom looks like  


    •  So what (1+ / 0-)
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      Rick Aucoin

      they classify anything and everything that doesn't catapult the fear and propaganda need to keep the Orwellian GWOT alive and humming. How does this differ from Bush's regime where mushroom clouds of mass destruction and 'terrist's are gonna kill yer family' rendered our laws, civil and human rights and basic democratic principles moot and gone daddy gone? How is this expectable when the Bushies were not?

      Like I'm supposed to believe Brennan or the Spooks or the lame DoJ and the WH that this sick and unbelievable security state is somehow legal? Gimmie a break. Who knows and who will ever know what the reality is when these fuckers claim that their mendacity and evil is classified and anyone who dares to contradict their storyline is a aider and abettor of our enemy's. They want our precious bodily fluids and we need to kill them and torture them and the aiders and abettors like APO or Fox must be stopped as the real threats to our 'security are 'gonna kill yer family'.      

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