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    Rick Aucoin

    they classify anything and everything that doesn't catapult the fear and propaganda need to keep the Orwellian GWOT alive and humming. How does this differ from Bush's regime where mushroom clouds of mass destruction and 'terrist's are gonna kill yer family' rendered our laws, civil and human rights and basic democratic principles moot and gone daddy gone? How is this expectable when the Bushies were not?

    Like I'm supposed to believe Brennan or the Spooks or the lame DoJ and the WH that this sick and unbelievable security state is somehow legal? Gimmie a break. Who knows and who will ever know what the reality is when these fuckers claim that their mendacity and evil is classified and anyone who dares to contradict their storyline is a aider and abettor of our enemy's. They want our precious bodily fluids and we need to kill them and torture them and the aiders and abettors like APO or Fox must be stopped as the real threats to our 'security are 'gonna kill yer family'.      

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