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View Diary: As scandalgate fizzles, the village talks overreach (226 comments)

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  •  The press is who "overreached" on this one (6+ / 0-)

    The media are most worked up about the AP subpoenas (and now Fox subpoena). That's what they think is important and they will continue to pursue it as a self-evident outrage and attack on liberty.

    But what they don't get, is that everybody hates the media. Everybody. The conservatives all think the media are liberal shills. We liberals are pretty sure that the media are pretty much corporate shills, and that most actual reporting is gone from the business.  So a U.S. attorney is annoying "the Village"?  If the press think the public will be upset about investigations that affect the media, well they haven't noticed that pretty much nobody likes them.

    It's kind of amazing to see media try to wrap themselves in the mantle of Watergate, when all they've done for us lately is "define the narrative" and "catapult the propaganda".  

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