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View Diary: How Many People Must Be Killed and Pain Suffered Before We Get Busy on Climate Change? (19 comments)

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    this year's tornado season has been significantly milder than average. The designation of "worst" in this would have to be wind speed, because it certainly wasn't the fattest tornado to plow through a populated area and kill people while throwing junk that used to be houses around. And Moore already holds that record for the 2009 F5. 158 people died in the Tuscaloosa outbreak just two years ago, so Moore's toll from yesterday (whatever it ends up being) won't hold that record either.

    I see people inflating the imagined toll for current climatic situation almost every day. Blaming every snowstorm, every flood, every hurricane, every tornado on human-derived CO2, without ever acknowledging that weather happened long before the industrial age, and you simply can't blame every human death on whatever handy bottled horror they're peddling today. There is a reason they [the press, actually] call it "Tornado Alley," and have called it that for 60 years. That reason doesn't have much of anything to do with atmospheric CO2 or melting glaciers.

    I understand the need to constantly publicize our climatic situation and try hard as we can to stop fouling our nest so thoroughly. Get busy making real plans for how that gets done and how we adapt to the damage we can't reverse. But I think overreaction helps that effort very much.

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