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View Diary: Gabriel Gomez's bad private equity deal (18 comments)

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    So Rove's group thinks Gomez is a "great" candidate? LOL! This fellow looks like a tax cheat with his easement mess, and has a poor business record. Number 2, Coakley, not Markey was a weak candidate. Markey's not taking any vacations during this race.  And #3, people believe the economy is recovering now, not like in 1/2010. And how is Markey tied to an IRS "problem" handled by a few underlings in Ohio? But then, Crossroads GPS lives in the same alternative universe as its guru Rove who believed Romney hadn't lost Ohio on Election Night. Democrats must turn out in droves to stop Gabriel, "Mitt Romney,Jr.," Gomez. Scott Brown looks like a genius compared to him. Remember, Brown was a Mass. minority leader in the State Legislature and knew how to present himself. And, again, Brown was going against the inept Coakley in an anti-HCR/ poor economic year. For more on the Markey-Gomez race, read  this    

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