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View Diary: Unmitigated iGall: Apple CEO Demands Corporate Tax Cuts to Repatriate $100B in Off-Shored Wealth (140 comments)

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    On a mountain of money and do nothing with it if their goal is to maximize profits. Why not invest in their employees instead of paying fictitious  transfer fees to take the money out of the country tax free?

    Why be an example to all other corporations on how to treat new college graduates with expensive degrees and the loans to boot and pay them less less that I made as a Petroleum Transfer engineer (Gas Station Jockey) in high school in adjusted dollars of course.

    If they trained their retail people and gave them promotional track to say enterprise salespeople and sales engineers with all the incumbent management jobs that would be a straight ahead investment that is tax deductible.

    Instead they give them two soggy tacos for their bonuses, hire managers that don't have a clue about the product and give them no promotion track. They take the best 3-5 years out of their lives and send them packing with a bunch more debt that has been piled on to existing debt when doubling their wages just on general principle would cost
     2% of pre tax profits with the govt picking up 700 Million of the bill.

    That's why you don't transfer money out of country using loophole to loophole tax evasion methods. Those are the new consumers that are actually enthusiastic about the company. Why turn them into cynics before age 30? There is plenty of time for that later.

    It used to be part and parcel of a corporations fiduciary duty to invest unused capital in the company in the states. Besides, why would shareholders want the company to borrow money to pay them dividends when it's sitting outside the country earning nothing? There is a middle ground here and Apple has taken the extreme end of setting a very bad  example for all US Corporations.  

    “ Success has a great tendency to conceal and throw a veil over the evil of men. ” — Demosthenes

    by Dburn on Wed May 22, 2013 at 08:02:07 PM PDT

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