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View Diary: UPDATED!!! Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Offends Republicans With Truth (161 comments)

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    I need to comment on this---maybe there are people who do not want to believe, despite the eyewitness facts , that Global Warming and Climate change are melting the Poles and warming the seas and causing water levels to rise. But HOW can anyone with a brain, look at what has happened the last few years, at RECORD Hurricanes in places none ever hit before, at the Largest Tornado in history striking, at the Fires out of control, at the Floods and Tsuamis, At the earthquakes all of which are happening at tremendous timing now, and not say that something is very very wrong with this Climate on this Planet? Does the Republican party want to obstruct SOOOO badly, that they will close their eyes to these phenomonoms? What is the matter with these people? Will Inhofe maybe say he will take another look at the evidence, or will he maybe blame it, like Pat Robertson will, on Gays Marrying?

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