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View Diary: Going "Green." My Efforts. What Do You Do? Lets Chat & Share Ideas (130 comments)

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  •  Living in an apartment has it's challenges. (1+ / 0-)
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    For safety reasons I don't open my windows so during many months the a/c and/or fans are on. Also, I live in FL and it's always humid here. I don't have a washer/ dryer and rarely use my dishwasher so my elec bill is always under $100. My building is brick which seems to help. I've started using baking soda instead of commercial chemical cleaners and it works better w/o the awful smell but I'm sure everyone already knows that! We don't have recycling at home but take it to sites at a local park. I try to organize my errands to minimize driving and pay more attention to my purchasing choices. If I were a better gardener I could have a porch garden, just not really motivated to do that. I have relatives that garden & get my herbs from them. We started a recycling program at work that we've had for a few years. There are always ways to do better, this is a good diary.

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