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  •  Fans Of Terrible People (10+ / 0-)

    Earlier this month, the on again, off again, on again relationship of Chris Brown and Rihanna went back to off again. Their relationship has been a very public one and an especially controversial one since Brown's domestic violence against Rihanna. Their latest breakup was discerned after Brown posted a tweet that basically called Rihanna a whore.

    Over at the A.V. Club, they have an article which asks how is it possible that Chris Brown still has a career?

    It's one thing for Rihanna or any other abused significant other to rationalize themselves into a "well he's really a good guy and he's going to do better" position, but how do people looking at it objectively from the outside still lay out money for CDs or tracks on iTunes for someone that's an asshole? And not only buy up his music, but there are fans of Brown's that take to Twitter & Facebook to defend him and profess their desire to sleep with him. And you would think post-O.J., sensibilities about domestic violence would have changed to the point that being an Ike Turner wife-beater would doom a career. Or have sensibilities not changed that much at all?

    Brown, of course, was far from the first musician to face domestic-abuse allegations. James Brown, Rick James, Jackson Browne, and even John Lennon had histories of hitting women, and as Chris Brown’s endlessly loyal fanbase argues tirelessly, none of those artists’ reputations were irreparably damaged by their offenses. The difference between those artists and Brown, however, is that none of them seemed to wear their guilt as a defiant badge of honor—not even Ike Turner, rock’s great boogie man, who for as often as he changed his story over the years usually conveyed at least some sense of remorse. After failing to land his initial apology attempts following his 2009 arrest, though, Brown abandoned contrition altogether. Instead of distancing himself from the incident, he spit in the face of conventional P.R. wisdom by actually embracing it, going out of his way to remind his fans and the general public about it at every turn. The three albums he’s released since missing the Grammys that year are peppered with references to the assault and its fallout, many in the form of calls for sympathy, others in the form of cruel taunts directed toward the woman he clearly still blames for his near-downfall. If the pair of collaborations he released with Rihanna last year seemed similarly designed to rub the incident in the public’s face, then his reconciliation with Rihanna represented the culmination of his efforts to troll the world—the moment that Chris Brown, after years of not only surviving but prospering, truly won.
    As the article and many of the comments for the article point out, terrible people having fans is not a new phenomena.

    Hell, even Hitler still has fans (i.e. Neo-Nazis) & there are a lot of lonely women writing love letters to serial killers too.

    •  I think that's it - terrible people are followed (7+ / 0-)

      by wannabe terrible people.

      This is far from a (non-DS9) Star Trek society.

      "So, please stay where you are. Don't move and don't panic. Don't take off your shoes! Jobs is on the way."

      by wader on Tue May 21, 2013 at 09:40:54 PM PDT

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    •  It Hurts My Head (6+ / 0-)

      A few years ago my grandfather passed away. 93 years young. At the funeral a person said to me, "when your mom was married before your father ...."

      My mom and dad have been married 47 years. I had never heard this. My mom married before. I learned the man beat and raped my mother and in the 60s, she was strong enough to walk away.

      It isn't something we are allowed to talk about with my mom (wishes of my dad), but gosh darn it I love the fact she stood up for herself.

      I don't know how women can't do the same. Well I get it, but I wish other men like myself, my brother, my dad, would have their backs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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