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View Diary: MOOCs heralded as free online education, but how free is free? (118 comments)

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  •  I'm skeptical of online classes. (5+ / 0-)

    I had to do a lot of traveling for the job market this spring, so I had other graduate students cover some of my lectures. At one point, students complained about having a substitute, so I agreed to record and post a lecture online when I had to miss class for another interview. It was very obvious to me, based on classroom discussion and test performance, that very many of my students did not bother to watch the online lecture I posted. To be fair, students who enroll in an online class are probably better prepared to watch all of their lectures online. But still, in this rush to do everything online because its cheaper (I don't buy this accessibility bullshit from legislators--since when do they care about making public services accessible), we cannot forget that the quality of the education we provide is important, too.

    •  Depends (6+ / 0-)

      I have seen some horrible on-line lectures and others that are quite entertaining. Not all "online" lectures are equal. The technology is improving and it is obvious from the good lectures that a lot of time and planning was put into them - not just standing in front of a camera. Also it can be a mindset. At the moment I much prefer to watching an on-line lecture to an in class one. I like to be able to stop and think, or even rewatch ... and not feel the pressure to take notes.

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        The mindset is very important. Students have to be very self-motivated to do well in online courses. And the professors do, as well. They have to be very attentive to email and many of us are not.

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