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View Diary: Updated - Our Autistic Son's Arrest: Meet the People Behind the Temecula Special Ed Scandal (53 comments)

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    I didn't make it through all 19 pages but focusing on the key parts of most interest to me, it seems that the district had virtually no basis for targeting your son, end of story. I can see how his impulse control issues and social problems could be problematic in a classroom setting, which of course is why he was receiving special services to help address and control those issues.

    I appreciated gaining a sense of the severity of his behavioral challenges, which appear to be significant and long-standing. The disciplinary record looks to be pretty routine, honestly, for someone with his behavioral profile. Except of course, the grave danger of drawing a bong on his notebook. If doodles on our notebooks now qualify as evidence against our teenagers, then we don't have juvenile halls large enough to warehouse all the kids who draw or even speak any number of questionable things. That's just silly.

    It sounds like you had your hands full as it was helping your son navigate adolescence and life before this happened. Thank you for this additional information; it does make clear that your boy was a victim here. Makes me sad to think of this "Daniel" pestering your son for weeks before he eventually relented. Again, how can anyone articulate that something can be gained from taking a special education student with no history of drug use or trafficking, and cart him away in handcuffs? Who was helped by this action?

    What was the point? Really. What was the point. It's an infuriating story.

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    by Mom of Three on Thu May 23, 2013 at 01:32:08 PM PDT

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