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View Diary: Afghan Women Continue To Fight For Human Rights As Religious Lawmakers Try To Silence Them (16 comments)

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    unfangus, BlackSheep1
    Women need to be treated as capable, equal, honored human beings, no matter where they're born or raised.
    except I would add that what they bring to the table should be valued regardless of what it is. A stay at home mom should be seen as offering a priceless value to society: a critically thinking, educated, loved child full of self-esteem that can contribute to society in a positive comprehensive way. When feminists embarked on women's rights, we fought to have women working in a 'man's world' arguing that we were capable of doing whatever a man can do, and yet we are still demanding that we be paid the same. We never demanded that what mothers bring to society was valuable and that choosing to go out into the workforce was an option that was JUST AS valuable...we replaced one for the other. And so until women's roles in society, ALL of them, are valued, we will continue to be seen as less worthy. Liberals have got to find common cause moms who believe they are providing just as great a service to society as those who work. Feminists don't believe that way, or so we are taught. We were fed the lie that you had to go out of the home to become 'valuable' and look where that got us.

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