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View Diary: Free-Market Conservatism Kills-Oklahoma Buildings Don't Have Safe Rooms Because "Regulation Rankles" (220 comments)

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  •  it's a different situation, though . . . (17+ / 0-)

    Here in Florida, we have hurricane shelters in virtually every populated area (usually built into schools or other public buildings). They work because we know days in advance where the hurricane is, and we know almost to the hour when and where it will likely hit. So people usually have at least a full day to get themselves into the shelters.

    With tornadoes, on the other hand, there is usually less than 15 minutes warning time. It is simply impossible to get a warning out to the hundreds or thousands of people who just happen to be in that area at the time, get them in their cars, drive to the shelter, and get inside---all within 15 minutes. It is simply not doable. Most people who try it will instead be caught outside in their car, probably jammed on the roads or the parking lot, when the tornado hits--an exceedingly lethal situation.

    The idea of a government-built centralized tornado shelter sounds great in theory--but in the real world it would be a people-killer.

    What really needs to happen is to have a tornado shelter or safe room in EVERY BUILDING, so people can get into them in time no matter where they are.

    But nobody wants to volunteer to pay for that.

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