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View Diary: Gay Marriage? STOP IT ALREADY! Marriage Equality, please. (60 comments)

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    Dave in Northridge

    Depending on the circumstance.

    If I'm rubbing the right's nose in it after a big win, for example, I might use "gay marriage" because I want them to feel the sting of their loss as deeply and directly as possible.  "Same-sex marriage" comes off as more clinical and neutral---I use it sparingly.  And I tend to use "marriage equality" when writing about actual initiatives/votes/court decisions/debates that are ongoing.

    Having said that, I don't really have a problem with "gay marriage" because it's become so ingrained as a phrase in our culture---in an increasingly positive way, I would add---and it's not going away.  What irks me more is when the right-wingers write it as: gay "marriage".

    Having said that, I do tend to use marriage-equality far more than the other two phrases (like this morning in my post on Harvey Milk).  Hopefully one day soon it'll just be "marriage" because it'll be legal across the country.

    Having said that, your point is well taken.

    Having said that, I'm out of things to say.


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