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View Diary: Globe calls out Gomez for dishonest new ad (27 comments)

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  •  As a disabled Vietnam veteran who served (6+ / 0-)

    honorably - I have very unique feelings and emotions when learning of so-called "Swift Boating," or "Attempted Swift Boating.  Right away they are doing a dirty and despicable act by defaming a person of honor, but they are attempting to steer attention away from themselves and project lies, innuendo and hyperbole onto their opponents who are definitely being smeared - it is a Rovian technique.
    These are the lowest of the low in our legislatures all across the country.  Republicans actually perfected the smear and lie all the back when Nixon was president.  It is now infused, this campaign method, with unlimited amounts of money, thanks to "Citizens United,"

    In my view, it's all downhill with the Republicans from now on.  They have boxed themselves into a corner.  I see no way out.  Sometimes things have momentum and a crash is practically unavoidable.

    May Mother Earth and our Universe sustain us and allow humans to live, learn from our mistakes, and prosper & of course care for and love one another.  Unbridled Capitalism is a plague on our planet.  Look at Haiti.  Look at strip mining & other destructive practices in the US.  Look at China and the pollution hell holes that exist there.  I just heard that there were no storm safe rooms in certain schools & homes in Moore OK -as a cost cutting measure.  And Corporations are bilking Americans out of high fees/charges for cable TV, cell phones, internet, licensing fees so Republicans can say "we did not raise taxes."  It is all horribly destructive.  We are suffering so much as a people and country - in the aggregate and individually andas families

    •  Please take a look at what (5+ / 0-)

      Europeans pay for cable TV, cell phone service, internet & other products and services compared to Western Europeans.  The fees charged here are outrageous and usury level.  The income inequality in the US is astonishing - and still there are calls to repeal the minimum wage, stop certain benefits and pensions and scale back on those very programs and policies that benefit workers, their families, the poor, disabled, abusedr children and others.

      I was taught a Social Gospel by Liberal nuns and priests.

      I served honorably in the USAF - US & overseas including Europe and Southeast Asia.  

      I earned my Master's atUSF, Tampa.

      I was a state employee in MA and FL with specialized caseloads of sexually abused children and families trying to cope with sexual abuse.  I became a Supervisor  and then a Program Coordinator and Site Manager.  

      After many years, I was showing some signs of burnout and I decided to take early retirement and "Family Sick Leave" to help care for my mother with end stage COPD.

      She died peacefully at 83.  

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