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View Diary: Have Dems sold out too early on immigration? Not if they want something to actually pass (317 comments)

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  •  H1B visa expansion is ESSENTIAL (0+ / 0-)

    to keep much of the economy going. And it is the pathway for citizenship for international graduate students who want to stay here.

    •  and what about (4+ / 0-)

      domestic students with 3.96 GPAs who can't get into grad school?  What do you tell them?

      Why should policy be written to benefit only the tiny handful of specialties who are coming up short, when there are hundreds of thousands of graduates in closely related fields working retail?

      What are you doing to fight the dangerous and counterproductive error of treating dirtbag terrorist criminals as though they were comic book supervillains? I can't believe we still have to argue this shit, let alone on Daily Kos.

      by happymisanthropy on Wed May 22, 2013 at 03:19:10 PM PDT

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    •  No H1b is not about grad students (1+ / 0-)
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      they get a different kind of visa while they study and the IEEE has recommended that smart advanced degree folks get Green Cards, that convey permanent resident status so they can start meaningful careers and stay here.

      The H1b visa is a temp worker who comes for 3 years with a possible 3 year extension then they go home.  It is very difficult to get a Green Card.  While that low level worker is here they are also tied to the employer who brought them in on the visa.  Guest Workers are Indentured Servants.  And that is why the GOP like them, and sadly many Dems have also bought the bull that we don't have smart enough Americans to do tech jobs.

      Congressional elections have consequences!

      by Cordyc on Wed May 22, 2013 at 08:53:16 PM PDT

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    •  You must not work in hi-tech (0+ / 0-)

      The abundance of cheap indentured foreign-born labor has created a nightmare for anyone in hi-tech who is over age 40.  I have been in the field for over thirty years.  I was trained in data center operations and software development by the United States Navy immediately upon graduation from high school.  I earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science after leaving active duty.  I understand computer and data communication systems down to the bare metal.  I pray everyday that I do not loose my job because I would never find another position in the field.  

      The H-1B program has made age discrimination and Title VII violations a part of every day life for experienced American citizens and legal residents.  The program has also made life very difficult for "fresh outs."  It takes between two and five years to turn a recent college graduate into a self-directed worker.  Companies used to have training programs for recent graduates before the H-1B program was created.  Now, companies expect all candidates to have at least two years of compensated experience.  It is a chicken and egg situation for recent graduates.  What ends up happening is that recent CS/IS/IT grads get assigned to dead-end help desk positions while H-1B visa holders are brought into do the work that the recent graduates believed that they would do upon graduation.

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