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    really nothing scientific about CT other than the fact that it's a function of how our brains find patterns (that often are wrong) in just about everything. we're wired that way, even people who describe themselves as rational. I already posted upthread that I, for a very long time, believed the Bush Administration let 9/11 happen on purpose. I now know that's entirely not true. Incompetence, sure, that seems fairly obvious, but let it happen on purpose for some nefarious scheme? Nah.

    most CT's that get presented here are just that. they're not theories in the scientific sense in the least. There hasn't been one, in my 8 years of posting here, that's been remotely correct.

    i mean during the Bush Administration there was the election year October Surprise (usually a false flag attack or an attack on Iran), or there was the Bush Stole Ohio one (presented with very little evidence), or vaccines (thankfully, people found their heads here if they didn't elsewhere in the progressive blogosphere), or they let 9/11 happen on purpose so they could curtail civil liberties (seriously? the groundwork for the various "attacks" on civil liberties were laid decades prior and rather accelerated through the Clinton Administration) and on and on and on. Just today I poked into a diary that assumed Big Pharma wants everyone to buy Vitamin C pills and presented the dumbest evidence for their case I've seen in a long time. Nevermind the fact that pharmaceuticals are regulated and the vitamin industry is not, and the paper that diarist was attacking said no such thing and it was pretty clear they didn't even read the press release, let alone the paper. I mean if you're going to allege a conspiracy, at least do your homework. A lot of CT doesn't even bother to do that, and that's part of the reason it gets so mocked.

    I'm not sure which CTs are banned other than the Bevbots (all elections are stolen!) and 9/11 (if you know where to look, there's a pretty epic thread here on daily kos where someone insists a passenger plane did not strike the pentagon and then someone who was there on the day and took pictures of the shattered plane wreckage posts the pictures. the guy still refused to believe it. That's part of why it's a banned topic.)

    That's what Empty Vessel is getting at, I think.

    as for it being silly, well, it is. But I find it fun. Empty Vessel may not. I have no problem playing what-if in the conspiracy theory game but there's a pretty good chance I won't believe it, at all.

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