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View Diary: Atheist State Rep Opens Arizona House Session with Godless Invocation. Not Yet Smited. (120 comments)

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    Especially in Arizona, or what I used to call "Mississippi sans trees" during the days when I lived in that sun-drenched hellscape.  I'm an atheist by default, simply because I'm underwhelmed by all religions and the people who practice them.  And anything that gets the craw of believers, is fine by me.  Not that I give two shits about humanism, either (and I enjoy ticking off true-blue atheists with my casual dismissal of scientific materialism, as well), but that's the minority position in this dumb country, so it's what we've got as the opposition voice for the moment.

    (Biographically, I was born in Arizona, but spent the bulk of my childhood and young adulthood in California--so when people ask where I'm from, I state emphatically that I'm Californian.  Onward and upward...)

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