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View Diary: U.S. Admits to Killing Four American Citizens in Drone Strikes (128 comments)

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  •  re: USSR, too damn (and sadly) true. I worried ou (0+ / 0-)

    tloud about just this in 1991 (and the deeper concern that average Americans would not understand why something should not be done without the example of the boogeyman, e.g., torture, indefinite detention without trial).

    And I agree, it does not mean that we should not aspire to a more just system.  Nor does it mean the People thru Congress can not decide to impose a higher standard.  Or that they should not.

    The problem with International Law is it really doesn't exist, since Law requires Authority to enforce and there is none independent of individual nation-states' desires and interests.  E.g., 'international law' applies to and binds the US only by virtue that the US has chosen to be bound via treaty and only so long as it continues to so choose.  (And anyway Yemen has consented to US strikes and you really don't think Pakistan really objects do you?  Not too mention the UN charter gives one nation authority to violate another's sovereignty in self-defense and in this age when a handful of men can kill a city, the refusal of host nation to police in its own borders may
    justify the defender to act without the hosts consent.  Tho the 'Afghanistan solution' - i.e., the hosts refusal to act is an attack or abetting same on the defender nation is extremelu problematic when dealing with nuclear powers such as Pakistan.)

    But, that aside, legal principles adopted by a vast majority of humanity would seem a pretty good place to look if we care about being just as well as legal.

    IOW, a just result, as well as due process.

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