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View Diary: Top 5 Actions to Make a Difference in the Fight Against Climate Change (30 comments)

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  •  In support of the grumpy (3+ / 0-)

    IMHO, the expressed concern about "lifestyle progressivism" translates to one core problem: extreme wealth/income disparity.

    I have to wonder how anyone thinks we will solve the climate crisis, or the larger sustainablity crisis by whatever name, while retaining the levels of wealth inequality that now prevail.  

    The essential idea of extreme wealth disparity is this: unlimited amounts for Me, regardless of the impact on anyone or anything else. The poor must do without jobs, education or medicine, the old without pensions, and the environment without protection, so that I can have more millions than ever.

    We won't solve the climate crisis with that as our bedrock moral principle. Can't be done.

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