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View Diary: Tesla Repays DoE Loan 9 YEARS EARLY!! (60 comments)

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  •  yay Elon the conq'ring hero (0+ / 0-)

    what's the big freaking deal here?

    Electric cars yay. Everyone carries on as if Musk/Tesla are some kind of lovely progressive magic. Why?

    What exactly is it that makes so many kossacks unquestionably fawn over some people? He's a hero because he makes electric cars?

    Jesus Christ - how the fuck about we stop fawning over celebrity rich people. Every fucking schoolteacher, social worker, honest foster-parent out there deserves more adulation that these freaking glittering celebrities. He does this for FUN people - and he has boatloads of fucking cash and will make more and more.

    He's gifted - could make billions more if someone stole every penny he had. Why's he a hero?

    Find a parent (or parents) who for 30+ years works job/s s/he can't stand, so that kids can eat, have roof over head. There is your real fucking hero. Actually - look over your shoulder at your significant-other if you're lucky enough to have such - s/he is more deserving of this level of admiration - chances are s/he has to take shit from people every freaking day to make a living. I bet you everything I have that Musk

    a) doesn't take shit from anyone
    b) if he lost every penny could get a $20mil loan to start a new business based on his name alone (can you? Cany anyone you know do that?)

    Y'all act as if you can personally vouch for his character... can you? Or did you read some fawning interview in GQ or something?

    Musk can look after himself I think -  fawning simpering hero-worshipers he doesn't really need.

    Try to get over your drooling over a car you wish you had, and then please HR this post so much that Kos bans me for life - I don't think I could stand to read another paean to the money-gods-who-seem-progressive. Might as well read Forbes instead.

    •  He's a hero because he, more than any other (13+ / 0-)

      single individual is making electric automobiles a viable option in the medium term. He, more than anyone else, has removed it from science fiction and made a working production model that outperforms its internal combustion counterparts in most respects.

      He's a hero because he's taking on two of the most fundamentally corrupt and pernicious sectors of our economy: fossil fuels and auto retail.

      More than that, he's a hero because, so far, at least, he's making it work.

      I think the more interesting question here is what do you have against that?

      Ceterum censeo Factionem Republicanam esse delendam.

      by journeyman on Wed May 22, 2013 at 09:57:30 PM PDT

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      •  Well said journeyman (6+ / 0-)
        He's a hero because he's taking on two of the most fundamentally corrupt and pernicious sectors of our economy: fossil fuels and auto retail.
        If we have to disrespect people because they succeed we're pretty thoroughly screwed. I think we're also capable of respecting hard-working people who don't make it big at the same time. There is a continuum of heroes out there.

        The opposite of life is not death, but indifference. -- Jaki Gefjon (A.A.Attanasio)

        by Max Wyvern on Wed May 22, 2013 at 10:09:28 PM PDT

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    •  Not just a celebrity (10+ / 0-)

      He's a visionary, and the world needs more like him. I can somewhat attest to his character because I've met him a couple of times, several years ago before he started Tesla.

      As a member of the Norther California chapter of the Mars Society I volunteered to organize a fundraiser featuring James Cameron and several high profile space scientists. It was a pretty big deal as we were charging $500 plate and since I had zero experience with such events, could have lost a lot of money if it failed. We were close to breaking even when a guest nobody had ever heard of decided to throw in a $100 grand check on top of his price of admission. The guy was Elon Musk. Later on he took me to lunch in Palo Alto and asked me to do a small web design job for him which I did gladly. It was a proposal for a series of missions to Mars so it was a blast to do. Since he'd already given my organization a hundred Gs I wasn't about to charge him. Now he's a gazillionaire.

      In short, he was an inspiration to me and he continues to inspire a lot of other people on this planet and I truly believe he's one of the good guys. He just happens to know how to make a ton of money while doing the right thing. I'm damn glad I met him and I'm glad he's doing what he does. More power to him.

      The opposite of life is not death, but indifference. -- Jaki Gefjon (A.A.Attanasio)

      by Max Wyvern on Wed May 22, 2013 at 10:01:31 PM PDT

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      •  I've met him in person too (4+ / 0-)

        He's absolutely inspiring. He's a fundamentally decent human being who's also incredibly gifted and passionate.

        I don't have a problem with people being amazingly rich when they get that way by doing amazing stuff.

        "Let’s just move on, treat everybody with firmness, fairness, dignity, compassion and respect. Let’s be Marines." - Sgt. Maj Michael Barrett on DADT repeal

        by kyril on Wed May 22, 2013 at 11:36:26 PM PDT

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