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  •  The jihadist quoted the Qur'an (14+ / 1-)

    as justification for the murder. The section he was referring to orders Muslims to kill infidels under a wide range of pretexts. That's why he said "you people will never be safe" -- i.e. the general British public. These are not "ordinary people" taking action against unjust economic policies. These are jihadists fighting for Islam by murdering people. There seem to be a heck of a lot of them around these days.

    Incidentally, one of the main tools the global jihad uses is propaganda to manipulate us Westerners into blaming ourselves and our governments. We become like victims of domestic abuse who rationalize "He wouldn't treat me this way if only I acted differently..." The way to stand up to an abusive bully is to stand up to him, not to blame ourselves.

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    by Noisy Democrat on Wed May 22, 2013 at 05:41:18 PM PDT

    •  One day we all might have to close their borders (1+ / 0-)
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      Noisy Democrat

      and let them fight it out, if this kind of random stuff becomes an epidemic, we won't be able to fight it and they need to not be allowed in any other countries but their own and the ones who live in the West may have to "reapply" to be allowd to stay

      IF this beomes a huge problem, not now and hope not

      •  Europe is getting close to that point (0+ / 0-)

        Check out the news from Stockholm in just the last few days. Or read about the ongoing situation with "no go" zones in France.

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        by Noisy Democrat on Wed May 22, 2013 at 09:31:28 PM PDT

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